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None of the Assignments are Required, but they are a quicker way to get out of training and into the real stuff. You can take the tests at any time you want. I recommend finishing the tests all in one day and moving on quickly to raise Xp. After you pass the training course you will be automatically ascended to SeeD positions. Good Luck.

Requirements to Ascend to SeeD:

Study List
Important Role Playing Rules
Rolling Dice
Fighting and Sparring Rules for all Kinds
Final Fantasy Lingo
SeeD Rules and Regulations
The World of Simming

If you need or want any extra help, please set up a time with me to go over whatever you need. You can contact me by email: or you can IM me at QuistisCTrepe.

Terminology Test
SeeD Test #1
SeeD Test #2
SeeD Final Exam

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