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Please Check What You Might Need Help On:

Role Playing in General ( )
If People call you a "Newbie" or "Moder" more than normal, check this.

Rolling Dice ( )
If you don't know how to roll without Keyword: Dice, or don't know how Dice Sparring is counted up, etc, check this off.

Sparring ( )
Don't know the rules, terms, or cool techniques?

Final Fantasy Lingo ( )
Don't know what Pheonix Down is or who Shiva is? Check this off.

Simming ( )
I only teach the REAL stuff to those who ask for it, but it is helpful to know. If you need those impossible Simming Techniques and Rules, I'll teach you. Otherwise I just go over the everyday basics.

Anything else you might need help on?

Breif Charcter Background and Description: ((send a picture if you want to be on the Students page))

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