Balamb School of Fighting
Instructed by: Quistis C Trepe
Martial Arts 101

Course Description: To fine tune the most advanced students training while teaching the beginners the basics and skills they need to survive. We will be studying things such as rules to role play, simming, dice usage, fighting techniques and style arrangement.

Note from Quistis C Trepe: "You can drop out from the course at anytime with no obligation to stay. I will never have set times to come to class. When I'm around, it will be your job to ask me questions or get what you need to know. The ranks of students are never seperated, the beginners will spar whomever they think they are ready for. To pass this course, you have to defeat me in an all out battle. Sparring will be put aside and I will fight you with what I feel is necessary."

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